26 September 2010

Simple Spreadsheet to Calculate Average Age of Ensemble Members on Date of Competition

 Brass quintet instruments, recumbent Y our chamber ensemble is part of a community college music program for students who are mostly between 15 and 25 years old. But the only tuba player available is an amateur adult student who is 57 years old. The two trumpets and horn are about 17. There are several possible trombonists/baritones who could be part of the ensemble. The competition application stipulates an “average age of not more than 27 years as of the date of the performance.”

L inked below is an Excel spreadsheet that you can use to verify that the ensemble personnel will conform to “average age” competition specs. It is extremely simple, but I have been asked this several times, so I suppose there must be some need for this.

 Average Ensemble Age spreadsheet I  suppose that, beyond this, there might be a wish for a spreadsheet to manage successive years or ‘tranches’ of students, if you are managing and teaching a series of ensembles as part of a school program. You would want a capability to maintain optimal continuity and compose each ensemble so that its average age will remain conformant to competition specs for more than one year and for more than one competition. If that would actually be useful to someone, please leave a comment below or email me. Thanks!